Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Fetish Book for the new year!!: Onna a journal on latex design, modelling, and lifestyle

My first book is now available! A 160 Page Hardback 8" x 10"

"Onna: Honest Facets extraordinaire of an artistic lady's lifestyle. She conveys many formes; From glamorous creations, beautiful portraits, her sensuous nature, to fetishistic signatures. and lively performances. Her work is anointed with sexuality, from where she is strongly self-driven. She annotates her modelling of life in this photographic book. An insight of success as a creative beauty. The images vary from raw untouched snaps through to filtered presentations ."

This book is a merely one slice in my life. It is an overall snapshot of a wedge of progress in one year. I annotate the book throughout with my thoughts and inspirations. Topics include hurdles overcome, and the variety of my work, some of the processes and preparation around selling my work. I have included other models and friends that have worked with me. As a first release it is not meant to be a pretentious self declation of achievement - rather a compendium of variety and honesty about what I do. My Latex Creations are featured, along with other designs I enjoy wearing...

All Pictures Copyright owned by Retrorubber, who documented this journey from the start... This is in Strictly limited Hardback form, after which the book will remain in softcover. Order your copy now, before it goes to soft back print and i'll autograph it for you ;-)

STRICTLY LIMITED! Hardback Photo Journal 160 pages, 8"x10"

Order only through here for an autographed copy... £37.50 + £4 P&P

Button remains only until Softcover Version print run.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Lady Onna at the London fetish party weekend

Latex dresses, rubber stockings, high heels and ballet boots. All weekend expo, like the london Fetish Fair, only on an international scale. Designers and fellow enthusiasts from all over the world. Met the usual crowd of names who run the comunication of kink; Tony Mitchell of the fetishistas, Tim woodward of Skin Two, David Jackson of DDI from California, Gunter the editor of FET X magazine, Eric Paradis of The Montreal Fetish Weekend.
Got down to business and talked fun with Dante Posh from America, Mistress Mya from New York, Mistress Amrita from Japan, Mauro Slomp the shoe designer for the stars, and many other names..
Several acknowlegments and kudos for my latex art, all which can be seen at The London Fetish Fair. Lots of requests for appearances at various events - calender soon to be filled.
The parties were big, and i'm foot sore from presenting all day long topping off with walking around in ballet boots, and partying. Pictures will soon follow up!This is how one dresses when regaling the city of london! This was after breaking into at least two latex costume changes a day during three days of being on show. I couldn't do it without my own entourage of help. It's always handy to have a couple of people looking after your wardrobe, footwear, and assisting quick dress changes and handling baggage. I couldn't do without slaves :) Especially for shows like this.
Lady Onna

I've found my Perfect Butler

Just in time for serving at halloween. He never talks, he's always standing to attention. He's about as old as my Victorian house in London, and he's quite charming actually. Just what a lady needs to deal with her guests and lodgers...

He won't be coming with me to the sanctuary on the Isle of Wight though. I just reserve that privalidge for personal maids and rubber gimps. Sissies and babies like them are all too easily scared let alone thinking about my halloween! Lady Onna x

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Pool Party Mermaid Muse Parliament Hill Lido

What did you get up to this summer? it's been ages since i blogged and spoke of anything I'VE JUST BEEN BUSY HAVING TOO MUCH FUN and getting paid for it! This was one of my recent summer mischievious mermaid shenannagans in the London Hampstead Heath Lido.... some fella caught me out of water OOPS so the good guy threw the lady fish back in. Now he would have been stuck if i'd nicked his shorts before i slipped in... and yes i can swim with my legs bound, and yes that is one of my real tails. In fact now you know where to come if you need a pool party friend.

(legs look good in rubber don't they) Lady Onna x

Friday, 20 July 2007

lodging subserviant, required in London: location Winchmore Hill, Enfield, North London Current mood: contemplative

£80 a week rent. To be there and serve me when i'm around, as i'm in between London / Isle of wight and various shoots, i'm not actually there very much. I'll post a photo shortly. Please respond with the following details filled in your application before i consider you for the shortlist;
Experiences: please make note where relevant, i do expect these to differ in role according to male/female, or what you may have to offer;
Serving mistress, cooking, cleaning, hard labour, DIY, handyman, butler, sissy maid.
Do you have experience, interest, or skill in rubber/latex?:
Whatever you may have to offer, sell yourself well to me. For you to become part of my household is a rare opportunity.... I always have escort company, do not expect me to be alone, unless i am honoured in certain ways under tribute.
Finally be honest with your serving potential! I would rather you say the limits of your capacity even if they are not at all, than to falsify claim to be a submissive. I'm not necessarily looking for 24/7 lifestyle slave. Just honest lodging commitment.
Lady Onna

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Onna 24/7 rubber fetish lifestyle

I am Latex Designer Onna. I myself am a 24/7 rubberist, and my fetish fantasy demands quality in order to sustain a latex lifestyle.

I concentrate on Couture fit and comfort, in order to play out my fetish for as long a period of time in comfort as possible. I also concentrate on creative glamour to extend my wear of latex to beyond the home! I love to go to the ballet or a meal out dressed up! And if i'm comfortably lounging at home, to do so with the sexiest most gossamer latex. I am known at Sadler's Wells and on the Isle of Wight for being the rubber lady...

With my ideology for the use of rubber and mainstream crossover fetish - i bring you the creations that sustain my lifestyle. I have my own website, and use ebay as the porthole for launching new ideas. My website covers every facet of my lifestyle from the latex product, to my holiday home which i share out, my modelling, and latest news.

My lifestyle is very demanding, and expensive to maintain. Rubber Fetish as you may well know is not a purist hobby for the frugle. I am extremely busy, designing, creating, modelling, travelling. In order to enjoy my latex fetish i simply have to wear it as normal, as most of the time i wouldn't have to enjoy it separately. It helps to have maid service on hand, and i'm most happy to enrole more support.

It is purely as a result of my own fetish that i bring you my creations. Without the support of fellow latex lovers and slaves, i would not be in the position to share my creativity. I hope that those who are investigating with the idea of fetish are positively intrigued and more experimental through my work. I sincerely hope those that are anti-fetish and adopt negative policy can at least understand the stance of mine and fellow 'sexually imaginative people' - that we have an ability to recharge and heighten sexuality not sex through an innate but percievable 'button'.

If you are enlightened and supportive I will join you for a meal out! But i warn you I do not take kindly to time wasters - Do not suck off my time for self pleasure when it rewards me to maintain my own routines...

On any matters relating to the above, and if yourequire further information you may contact me I may not have time to answer immediately so be patient.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Jamila and I at Fetishishistas Launch Party

Here's a snap of rubbery me in my usual latex designer dress get up at the DiTch bar Party for the Fetishistas Magazine Launch. There's a load of snaps in the London Fetish scene Galleries for you to see taken by Brian Southam of AG-I fetish photography ...

Mmm like my Latex Dress? x x Onna