Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Onna 24/7 rubber fetish lifestyle

I am Latex Designer Onna. I myself am a 24/7 rubberist, and my fetish fantasy demands quality in order to sustain a latex lifestyle.

I concentrate on Couture fit and comfort, in order to play out my fetish for as long a period of time in comfort as possible. I also concentrate on creative glamour to extend my wear of latex to beyond the home! I love to go to the ballet or a meal out dressed up! And if i'm comfortably lounging at home, to do so with the sexiest most gossamer latex. I am known at Sadler's Wells and on the Isle of Wight for being the rubber lady...

With my ideology for the use of rubber and mainstream crossover fetish - i bring you the creations that sustain my lifestyle. I have my own website, and use ebay as the porthole for launching new ideas. My website covers every facet of my lifestyle from the latex product, to my holiday home which i share out, my modelling, and latest news.

My lifestyle is very demanding, and expensive to maintain. Rubber Fetish as you may well know is not a purist hobby for the frugle. I am extremely busy, designing, creating, modelling, travelling. In order to enjoy my latex fetish i simply have to wear it as normal, as most of the time i wouldn't have to enjoy it separately. It helps to have maid service on hand, and i'm most happy to enrole more support.

It is purely as a result of my own fetish that i bring you my creations. Without the support of fellow latex lovers and slaves, i would not be in the position to share my creativity. I hope that those who are investigating with the idea of fetish are positively intrigued and more experimental through my work. I sincerely hope those that are anti-fetish and adopt negative policy can at least understand the stance of mine and fellow 'sexually imaginative people' - that we have an ability to recharge and heighten sexuality not sex through an innate but percievable 'button'.

If you are enlightened and supportive I will join you for a meal out! But i warn you I do not take kindly to time wasters - Do not suck off my time for self pleasure when it rewards me to maintain my own routines...

On any matters relating to the above, and if yourequire further information you may contact me I may not have time to answer immediately so be patient.

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