Friday, 20 July 2007

lodging subserviant, required in London: location Winchmore Hill, Enfield, North London Current mood: contemplative

£80 a week rent. To be there and serve me when i'm around, as i'm in between London / Isle of wight and various shoots, i'm not actually there very much. I'll post a photo shortly. Please respond with the following details filled in your application before i consider you for the shortlist;
Experiences: please make note where relevant, i do expect these to differ in role according to male/female, or what you may have to offer;
Serving mistress, cooking, cleaning, hard labour, DIY, handyman, butler, sissy maid.
Do you have experience, interest, or skill in rubber/latex?:
Whatever you may have to offer, sell yourself well to me. For you to become part of my household is a rare opportunity.... I always have escort company, do not expect me to be alone, unless i am honoured in certain ways under tribute.
Finally be honest with your serving potential! I would rather you say the limits of your capacity even if they are not at all, than to falsify claim to be a submissive. I'm not necessarily looking for 24/7 lifestyle slave. Just honest lodging commitment.
Lady Onna

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