Monday, 22 October 2007

Lady Onna at the London fetish party weekend

Latex dresses, rubber stockings, high heels and ballet boots. All weekend expo, like the london Fetish Fair, only on an international scale. Designers and fellow enthusiasts from all over the world. Met the usual crowd of names who run the comunication of kink; Tony Mitchell of the fetishistas, Tim woodward of Skin Two, David Jackson of DDI from California, Gunter the editor of FET X magazine, Eric Paradis of The Montreal Fetish Weekend.
Got down to business and talked fun with Dante Posh from America, Mistress Mya from New York, Mistress Amrita from Japan, Mauro Slomp the shoe designer for the stars, and many other names..
Several acknowlegments and kudos for my latex art, all which can be seen at The London Fetish Fair. Lots of requests for appearances at various events - calender soon to be filled.
The parties were big, and i'm foot sore from presenting all day long topping off with walking around in ballet boots, and partying. Pictures will soon follow up!This is how one dresses when regaling the city of london! This was after breaking into at least two latex costume changes a day during three days of being on show. I couldn't do it without my own entourage of help. It's always handy to have a couple of people looking after your wardrobe, footwear, and assisting quick dress changes and handling baggage. I couldn't do without slaves :) Especially for shows like this.
Lady Onna

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