Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Fetish Book for the new year!!: Onna a journal on latex design, modelling, and lifestyle

My first book is now available! A 160 Page Hardback 8" x 10"

"Onna: Honest Facets extraordinaire of an artistic lady's lifestyle. She conveys many formes; From glamorous creations, beautiful portraits, her sensuous nature, to fetishistic signatures. and lively performances. Her work is anointed with sexuality, from where she is strongly self-driven. She annotates her modelling of life in this photographic book. An insight of success as a creative beauty. The images vary from raw untouched snaps through to filtered presentations ."

This book is a merely one slice in my life. It is an overall snapshot of a wedge of progress in one year. I annotate the book throughout with my thoughts and inspirations. Topics include hurdles overcome, and the variety of my work, some of the processes and preparation around selling my work. I have included other models and friends that have worked with me. As a first release it is not meant to be a pretentious self declation of achievement - rather a compendium of variety and honesty about what I do. My Latex Creations are featured, along with other designs I enjoy wearing...

All Pictures Copyright owned by Retrorubber, who documented this journey from the start... This is in Strictly limited Hardback form, after which the book will remain in softcover. Order your copy now, before it goes to soft back print and i'll autograph it for you ;-)

STRICTLY LIMITED! Hardback Photo Journal 160 pages, 8"x10"

Order only through here for an autographed copy... £37.50 + £4 P&P

Button remains only until Softcover Version print run.

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